The tokenized rental and subrental Platform

The BAM! Ecosystem allows TOKEN owner to claim the "Rentee-status" of available properties. This claiming is equalised over Time.. (Think about a booking calendar on travel-pageswhich is automatically shifting rental status between BAM! Members.) This is important for the social character of BAM! which attempts to share the possibilities earning sub-rentals in such a way that everyone earns equally based on sub-rentals.

BAM! Token owners will be able to physically rent/use properties by paying with BAM! Token or ordinary EUROS. If they don't use it physically, they get sub-rental payments from People who use the properties for living or working.

Signing with BAM! as Master-Rentee includes signing a management contract which allows

Whats the ROI then ? Well its variable as it is a result of Sub-rentals.

Attached is an example for a flat.

Step 1: Calculation of the tax example (4400€ annual subrental)

subrental income: 4440 Euro - maintenance and managements costs: 880 Euro = income / profitability p. a. 3520 Euro x personal tax rate: 40%(example) = tax: 1408 Euro

Step 2: Transfer of the tax burden of 488 Euro into the calculation of the profit after tax

Rental income: 4440 Euro - Maintenance costs: 880 Euro - Tax: 1408 Euro = income / profitability p. a.: 2112 Euro

Step 3: Calculation of the return on equity

In % of the tied equity of 50000BAM 4.22% (2232 Euro / 50000 Euro x 100)